215 Lach Tray Str, Dang Giang Ward,  Ngo Quyen Dist., Hai Phong City
Tel: (84-225) 3829 301     Fax:(84-225) 3829 048
Email: vcc@vosco.vn

VCC supply domestic and foreign shipowners with qualified seafarers.

VCC belonging to Vietnam Ocean Shipping Company, has enjoyed prestige at both home and abroad. VCC's crewmembers have been praised and highly appreciated for their skills, work style and service. With the motto "excellent, reliable and satisfactory" according to the principle of "solid foundation, disciplined administration, safety and efficiency" , VCC is ready to supply for domestic and foreign shipowners with competent and experienced seafarers working on all kinds of ships such as container ships, general cargo vessels, bulk carriers, tankers, etc... with best quality of service.

VCC ensures: 

     - Each seafarer who is assigned to any ship holds appropriate certificates in accordance with the provisions of the Convention STCW 95.

     - Ships are to be manned in compliance with the applicable safe manning requirements of the flag State.

     - Documentation and data relevant to all seafarers are maintained and readily assessable including their experience, training, medical fitness and competency in assigned duties.

     - Seafarers, on being assigned to any ship, are familiarized with specific duties and with all ship arrangements, installations, equipment, procedures and ship's characteristics that are relevant to their routine duties.

     - The ship's complement can effectively co-ordinate their activities in an emergency situation and in performing functions vital to safety or to the prevention of pollution.

Directory Board:

     Mr. Do Ngoc Hoai Director

     Mr. Phan Trong Xuan D. Director

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