Message from Chairman
Message from Chairman Message from Chairman


Since being established on 1st July 1970 Vietnam Ocean Shipping Joint Stock Company has been continuously developing. For over 50 years the name VOSCO has gone hand in hand with the glorious history of Vietnamese maritime transportation. We have not only transported goods but assisted with national defence, helping to ship foreign aid and deliver goods to support those in War Zone 4 (Thanh Hóa – Thừa Thiên) and in the Southern battlefields of Vietnam. After liberation in 1975 VOSCO staff were actively involved in the restoration, reconstruction, construction and development of the reform era. They were also key to our integration and development plans.

Staff throughout our history have made the company really proud, through their worthy and substantial contributions to the revolutionary path of the country. It is a glorious history and one of the most compelling narratives of the Vietnamese Transportation Industry. All VOSCO’s generations keep that tradition with their desire, aspiration, energy along with highestambition.

Being the first Ocean shipping company in Vietnam, VOSCO has inherited admirable traditions but through the generations has also aspired to grow and improve. It has developed and become a public owned company which is more dynamic, transparent and trusted by our partners and shareholders.

Our goal is to be a well-developed company providing prompt service base on business ethics as the foundation while maintaining and promoting the core values of VOSCO. We also seek to continue to develop in a rapid and sustainable manner in order to compete with regional and international enterprises.

Given the current economic climate, the shipping business is expected to remain difficult and unpredictable. Nevertheless, the Board of Management, Directors and all VOSCO’s staff are striving to overcome these difficulties and challenges, and continue to build a reliable company that can grow and develop rapidly.

Chairman of Board of Directors

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