Second Class Independence Medal granted to VOSCO
Second Class Independence Medal granted to VOSCO Second Class Independence Medal granted to VOSCO


The Second Class Independence Medal was granted to Vosco for its excellent achievement in the period of 2006 – 2010.

Authorized by H.E President of the State, Vice Minister of Transportation Ministry Nguyen Hong Truong conferred the noble Medal to Vosco’s leaders at a ceremony on 14th Jan 2012. It is a valuable assessment and an important recognition of Vosco’s business performance and significant contribution to the economic growth of Hai Phong City. Vosco’s leaders, staff and crewmembers, who have been trying utmost to the sustainable development of the company, took great pride in this achievement.

Since its establishment, Vosco has steadily become a leading shipping company in Vietnam. We are now operating a diverse fleet which has been annually upgraded, modernized and synchronized. We always maintain good service to properly meet customers’ requirements. Especially, we had properly dealt with many difficulties and hardship in 2011 when the world economic recession and shipping industry’s downturn badly influenced our business. Then the operation was effectively thanks to our utmost efforts and progress on suitable cost-savings initiatives.

As a large enterprise in Hai Phong City, Vosco not only concentrate on business operation but also pay special attention to social activities. We are well aware of our responsibility to contribute to the community. Parts of our profit are annually donated to wide variety of national and local charity funds. We also award scholarship to pupils and implement policy to support invalid and death soldier’s families as well as the persons who had considerable contribution to the Revolutionary. Social contribution is key element to the establishment and maintenance of our enterprise culture.

This year, shipping industry is witnessing an even harder year than 2011. In receipt of the honorable Independence Medal, Vosco’s leaders, staff and crewmembers determined to continuously try their best to overcome difficulties and challenges for the sustainable development of Vosco.

On this occasion, Mr. Vu Huu Chinh, Head of the Company’s Communist Party, Chairman and CEO was granted Third Class Labor Medal for his excellent work in the period of 2006 – 2010. The Ministry of Transportation also presented the Emulation Flag for Vosco’s achievement in 2011. Vosco Trade Union was granted Certificate of Merit by the Executive Committee of Vietnam General Confederation of Labour. 

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